Wreck Speciality

Amed's area offer good conditions for training and some shipwrecks with different levels.
For all wreck divers, this is probably the best opportunity to get your wreck speciality !

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Gain more confort, increase your safety, get ready for technical training course !
Enter into a new dimesion !

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Deep Diving

Extend your limits, enjoy the depths where no divers never go before you.
Discover new equipments, learn new skills, gain more safety, add excitement !

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Photography Speciality

Indonesia is one of the biggest biodiversity in the world.
With a passionate professional get your photography speciality !
Capture and enhance all your pictures !

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Enriched Air Speciality

Extend your no-decompression limits, reduce the risks of decompression sickness, enjoy your dives longer !

Quick and Easy, 1 day, 2 dives !

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