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PADI is not only reduced to the Open Water course. The education system PADI is very wide and allows all divers to find the type of diving that suits them. You just get your certification or you are already an experienced diver ? Do you want to extend your knowledges, abilities, discover new activities and improve your skills ? There is not a unique way to dive. There are more than 1000 ways to explore the oceans.

Diving in Bali offers great diversity. For wrecks lovers, the famous USAT Liberty is available even for Open Water divers. For experienced divers, there are drop-offs that go down beyond 40 meters and strong currents that will carry you for kilometers during your drift dive specialty. And of course, Amed has one of the largest bio-diversity for photographers.

Add fun to your training with new diving activities.

Diving is not a competition. Each diver finds pleasure in the fields of their choice. Every pleasure is different and unique.

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