Change your life, live your dream, become a diving professional

Change life is a dream that many people want to achieve. You should not take it too lightly. Live your dream must take into consideration several parameters. Are you alone? Are you financially prepared ? Are you ready to leave everything and leave everything behind ?

Time is money

Become a diving professional involves a lot of energy and time. As we talk about time, it induces naturally money. By the time you spend on your training courses does not allow you to work elsewhere. The trainings themselves are a cost item to consider. To optimize your training, you will need concentration for successful certifications without failure.

Love only diving is not enough

Diving is primarily a passionate job. But it’s not enough to say «I love diving» and go for it. As a recreational diver, scuba diving is a hobby or leisure for yourself. When you become a diving professional, you dive for others. You have to organize the activity, monitor safety, taking into account the mood of your divers, to improve yourself continuously, and accept to challenge yourself every day.

Whatever your background, wherever you are in your thinking or your career change, it is important to talk together and move forward effectively

That’s why before each enrollment, I always request an interview with future candidates. We will move more efficiently if I know your real motivations. The PADI system has established a professional and scalable education courses. You will progressively gain your grades. You do not have to do everything at once. You can go step by step, at your own pace.

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