Wreck Speciality

Amed's area offer good conditions for training and some shipwrecks with different levels.
For all wreck divers, this is probably the best opportunity to get your wreck speciality !

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USAT Liberty The USAT Liberty shipwreck is the most popular and famous diving spot in Bali. Divers with every level should visit this amazing wreck. Don't miss it ! Kubu's wreck Sunk in 2012, Kubu's wreck is a big challenge. The wreck lay down at a depth of 32 meters.
Visit the incredible jeep inside the wreck
Wreck penetration Wreck diving is hazardous. Wreck penetration require proper skills. Wreck Speciality Wreck speciality is one of the most exciting speciality.Improve your skills as never before ! Book now ! Contact me
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